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What can I expect from my reading?

In a reading I listen to your request for help and we look together through a conversation to see what I can do to help you or your child further.

How long does a reading take?

Depending on the treatment chosen, I allow between 45 minutes and 45 minutes for a reading.

Do you also communicate with the deceased?

No. I have a rule that I do not absorb the energies of the deceased.

What not to do during a reading?

There are some things I don't do:
- I do not provide medical advice;

- I can't give you the numbers for the winning ticket;

- I do not communicate with the deceased;

- I don't say anything about anyone else who has not given me explicit permission to do so.

Where do you do the readings?

Readings can take place at my home, at your home or online. I can also go somewhere else where it is not too busy and we will be disturbed because this would be a waste of time. It can also be done via video calling

Obviously no problem if there is someone around as long as they are not part of the session, with the exception of pre-agreed reasons.

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